Monday, 12 August 2013



You can’t go home again.
At least that’s how the old saying goes. What it may really mean is that home may have changed so much in your absence that when you return it’s not even the same place. That’s what Bryan Cranston’s newly-follicled Walter White — hair bursting through his scalp as if it’s been at least six months or more since his last chemo treatment — discovered when he returned to his Albuquerque home at some unspecified point in the future at the start of Breaking Bad’s final run, “Blood Money.”

Friday, 9 August 2013

See 10 Clues About 'Episode VII,' a Possible 'Star Wars' Theme Park, & 'Clone Wars' in Disney's D23 Preview

Disney's annual company-wide preview expo, D23, is about ready to make the jump to lightspeed. The August 9-11 event in Anaheim, Calif., is expected to be very Star Wars-heavy this year, since it'll be the first D23 following Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm in October 2012. And considering the relatively few announcements related to Star Wars at Comic-Con and Celebration Europe II, it's likely we could get some doozies here: possibilities include Episode VII casting news, word on when we'll be able to see the final, unreleased episodes of The Clone Wars, and,

Monday, 5 August 2013

'True Blood' Recap: 'Dead Meat' (Season 6, Episode 8)

The beginning of August brings blood-stained tears to our eyes. Yes, it's a bummer that summer's coming to a close way too soon, but we're mostly saddened that the end of True Blood is near. Can you believe we're only two episodes away from the sixth season finale? This season flew by almost as fast as it took Bill to behead Governor Burrell. 
But we don't have to bid farewell to this season of True Blood quite yet! We still have a hell of a lot of drama going down in Bon Temps! So, let's clear up some of the gory and bloody bits that this week's episode bombarded us with. 
Feisty FellowsThe episode starts off with Eric and Bill in a fight because Bill's all like, "Let's go save our kind!" And Eric's like, "Dude, chill, my sister just died, give me a hot sec." So then the two verbally bash each other. And can I just say that I do love watching two hot gentlemen get all worked up? 
Even Werewolves Have A HeartAlcide's pack is PISSED – and I mean pissed, hence the caps – since Alcide lied about Nicole and her pals' deaths, which causes Rikki to challenge Alcide to take over a pack-master, but Alcide's ripped as anything so he obviously kicks her ass…
Sam against Alcide's orders comes back to Bon Temp to mourn over Terry's loss, but since Alcide's not so chill with his pack right now to say the least, he tells Sam its quite alright to be in town… Alcide even returns Nicole and her momma to Sam, and the two bond as the throw back some shots. Aw! We missed Alcide's sweet side, glad to have the handsome hunk's heart back in the game. Oh, and to add to the shifter/werewolf drama-mill, we find out that Nicole's preggers… yet, she has no effing clue. But hey, I guess Sam's superb sense of smell is good for something, eh? 
Arlene In The KnowBack at Arlene's pity-party in memory of Terry, Lafayette (who rocks a killer headscarf, might I add) shares with Arlene that thanks to life insurance, Arlene's entitled to two million dollas. After finding out that Terry purchased insurance only a few short days before he got shot and killed, Arlene melts down as she realizes that it was his choice to exit from the world for good. Ugh, that poor ginger!
Go Out In StyleSarah Newlin, whose been busy lying her ass off about Governor Burrell's death, gets a surprise visit from a True Blood rep Ms. Suzuki, who threatens to call the FDA on Newlin's ass for contaminating True Blood, which elicits quite the cat fight to go down and Sarah ends up beating Suzuki to death with a stiletto heel. If you're going to go out, might as well go out in style, eh? P.S. Can we talk about just how bats**t crazy Sarah is? 
Adelyn's all grown up and not only is she making out with Holly's son but also attracting Eric, well kind of, the vamper just needs some fairy blood pumping through his veins. But it's downright hilarious when Eric glamours Holly's son scrapping memories from his mind, including the image of Adelyn's naked. I don't think Eric feels guilty for sinking his fangs into Adelyn, but at least he feels a bit of remorse for seizing the memory of her rack! 
Here Comes The Sun
Steve Newlin squeals to Sarah that it was James, who clued him in about the contaminated True Bloods, Sarah threatens to squish all the vampers refusing to drink their True Blood rations into the dreaded circular room along with Steve and James into…. and yeah, this room looks like the one from Bill's vision! Oh snap!
And after Violet and Pam get into a tiff over Violet hogging Jason, the guards realize their refusing to drink the True Bloods as well. So the two gutsy gals along with Tara, Jessica, and Willa get pushed into this room. At least Jessica is kind enough to warn her vampire friends they are destined to meet the sun. But let's be real, a warning that you're about to fry up and die isn't going to worry you any less about frying up and dying. But thanks for trying Jess! Major kudos.
Fairy-Vampire Bride to BeBack in fairy world, Sookie tries to convince Warlow to offer up his super powered blood to save the vampire race, but he's only down to become a donor if Sookie will be his one and only forever and always. Sookie's hesitant to become Warlow's "fairy-vampire bride." But after a visit to her parent's grave where she gives them a final "F**k you," she reveals how she'd rather roam the world as a corpse than die and rot by her parents' side. 
Sooke gets all glammed up for her lover boy Warlow, but by the time she arrives to fairyland with Bill, Warlow's not in good enough shape to walk down the aisle. The endearing fairy-vamp suffered a nasty attack from Eric. And I was just picking out my dress to wear to the wedding… Damn!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

'2 Guns' Shoots Ahead of 'Wolverine & 'Smurfs' at Box Office

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg loaded up their weapons in Universal's 2 Guns and topped the chart with $27.4 million while taking on a formidable Wolverine and some very popular Smurfs in this weekend's box office derby.

Universal got right back in the box office fight and erased the memory of the lackluster performance last weekend of R.I.P.D. with the R-rated action crime drama 2 Guns. Baltasar Kormakur who directed Wahlberg in the early 2012 hit Contraband ratchets up the action even further and pairs two of the most popular stars in cinema today to great effect. A great marketing campaign and effective trailer didn't hurt either. This film marks the seventh time Universal has claimed the No. 1 spot at the North American box office in 2013.

Big Brother' Contestant Amanda Zuckerman's Racist Comments Are Out of Control

 Amanda Zuckerman never ceases to surprise us with her slew of insensitive comments on Big Brother. This past episode was no different, yet it still amazed us all the same. Zuckerman had an unnecessary freak out over her headband and proceeded to grace the house with these words, "She wore my f**kin head band and didn't ask. She took it off your head and put it on her greasy-ass, nappy-hair head." Wow.
The only comedic part of these comments is Zuckerman's complete ignorance of them. Zuckerman has no problem calling out the other racists in the house, and how their comments will eventually have a negative affect in their house standing. She also claims she's not racist because she has a black cousin. Classic.

Unhappy Hour: Teresa Guidice Is Charged With Fraud, Harry Styles Gets Lucky, And 8 More Reasons to Drink

Every week, Hollywood gives us something to whine about, and the week of July 29 was no different. We could make a drinking game out of this week, but that would be too dangerous. Instead, we'll stick to the usual formula: varying levels of alcoholic respite depending on how bothersome the week's issues are.